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Gutter Downpipe Fitting Guide


Buying a GutterTech downpipe is only the first step in replacing your old guttering. Before attaching it to your wall, you will need to take down the sections you want to replace. Don’t worry if you are not a DIY expert - it really isn’t that difficult.

Removing old guttering

What you need: nails, hammer, nail punch, hacksaw, screwdriver, pincers, ladder

gutter downpipe 3Step 1

Hammer the nails into the fascia board - the board positioned behind the pipe - at both ends to stop it from falling down.

Step 2

Use a hacksaw to saw through the bolts holding together the gutter, and a nail punch and hammer to get them out.

Step 3

Tie a rope around each section of guttering and then begin taking the guttering apart, unscrewing the brackets that attach it to the fascia board. Use the rope to lower the guttering to the ground.

gutter downpipe 2Step 4

Begin removing the downpipe one section at a time.


You can cover the holes in the fascia by filling them in with Polyfilla.

Fitting the downpipe

CheckWhat you need: spirit level, downpipe clips, pencil, wall plugs, screws (two for each downpipe clip), screwdriver, socket clip, ladder

Step 1

Measure the central point on the wall between the outlet and the drain with your spirit level and mark it with a vertical line.

Step 2

Starting from the top of the wall (make sure your ladder is securely fixed or someone is holding it at the bottom), hold one of the clips centrally over the line and mark its two fixing holes with your pencil. Continue marking out the clips down the vertical line, keeping in mind that each clip should be about 1.8 m apart or less.

Step 3

Drill through the marks you have made for the fixing holes and fill them with your wall plugs.

Step 4

gutter downpipe 1Starting from the top, and making sure the socket is facing upwards, place the first part of the downpipe against your vertical line, fix on a socket clip and screw the clip into the wall plugs. Continue to attach the remainder of the downpipes until you reach the bottom of the wall.

Step 5

Using your last clip, fix the final L-shaped piece, known as the shoe, to the end of the pipe so the water can flow more easily into the drain.

So there you go, a simple, hassle free, step-by-step guide to installing a Gutter Downpipe! If you're having any problems or need more information feel free to call us on 01254 884 020. If you've recently installed some guttering then we'd love to see your pictures, send them us on Twitter.


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